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How To Build A Power House Virtual Assistant Team For Your Home Care Business

It’s safe to state that a home care business cannot function without an administrative department.

In fact, the administrative department of any organization, leave alone a home care business, is like the heart – while all other organs in a body may get a break once in a while, the heart never stops beating. The same can be said about the administrative department- it’s forever busy.

Some of the responsibilities of the administrative department of a home care business or agency may include the following:

  1.  Accounting
  2.  Billing
  3.  Payroll
  4.  Scheduling
  5.  Marketing
  6.  Care coordination
  7.  Staffing

In the early stages of running a home care business, most owners prefer to run a one-person show/solo shop, which is kind of hectic but still possible when the business is still young – they hire, onboard, and schedule caregivers, market their business, bill clients, do the accounting, prepare payroll, etc.

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